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This is my favorite video of all time

Httyd meme: [1/2] quotes

"You can’t stop him, Stoick. I know it seems hopeless, but you’re not always going to be out there to protect him. He’s going to get out there again. He’s probably out there now."

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When your crush posts a new selfie



I need to marry someone hot so our children will have a 50/50 chance of being hot


In response to the GoFundMe Campaign for Darren Wilson, people are asking GoFundMe to close the account due to the fact that it incites hate and obviously violates their terms and conditions

The donors and the comments attached to the campaign are sick and simply racist. They asking for the “Killing of Niggers”, “purging the savages” and to support a “fellow White” individual that has the right to murder Black people.

Pass this around. Report the Darren Wilson page as for the violation


I will add their contact info as soon as I find it. 


Boost the signal: Plant a tree for Groot!

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A lot of people are posting about Five Nights at Freddy’s but I think we’re all missing the most fucked up part of this God Forsaken game.  

For 5 nights of work, six hours each, with a job description that basically amounts to “Don’t die at the hands of a bunch of deranged Chuck E Cheese character knock offs” 

They pay you $120

For the most stressful, life-threatening 30 hours of your life

They pay you one hundred and twenty dollars

You are making four dollars an hour

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